Maximum Shelf: TENACITY

MaxShelf-TenacityToday’s Maximum Shelf Awareness features a terrific debut thriller, TENACITY by J.S. Law.

Cramped, claustrophobic, and under strict command, the confines of naval submarine HMS Tenacity are unwelcoming in the best of circumstances. For Lieutenant Danielle “Dan” Lewis, the only female aboard, who must methodically interrogate a tightknit and hostile crew about a suicide and a murder, it’s her own special place in hell.

“In his debut novel, J.S. Law has crafted thrilling suspense in a setting that offers many opportunities for confined, oppressive menace. He has also created a compelling character in Dan Lewis. She is headstrong, she is relentless, she is tough to befriend, but she is undeniably brave. Law ends TENACITY with a perfect segue into a sequel. It can’t come too soon.” — Shelf Awareness

“The unusual setting adds a great deal of interest but never slows the action in this fast-paced nail-biter starring a flawed but dynamic character. A very promising series.” — Booklist

“The unusual setting, skilled writing, and obvious veracity make this a bold first effort worth awaiting a second.” — Library Journal

“Law, a former senior nuclear engineer in the Royal Navy Submarine Service, capitalizes on his intimate knowledge to turn the sub into a terrifying setting.” — Publishers Weekly

A good yarn… his description of life inside a sub is fascinating.” — Kirkus Reviews

Click here to read the full Shelf Awareness summary, review and full interview with J.S. Law.

TENACITY will be available from Henry Holt & Co. on November 3, 2015.

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