Friday Reads: MEOW

It’s almost Caturday (that’s what we call Saturday snuggling with kitties), and our #FridayReads picks are purrfect for weekend reading:

THE OLD MAN AND THE CAT by Nils Udderberg
Retired Professor of Psychology and reluctant pet owner Udderberg describes how his existence changed after a little speckled grey-brown homeless cat moved in with him. Aww!!

A GIFT FROM BOB by James Bowen
Read the first chapter now to find out how Street Cat Bob helps James learn the the true meaning of Christmas. (Is it catnip? OK, not catnip…we’ll keep reading.)

CATS ON THE JOB: 50 Fabulous Felines Who Purr, Mouse, and Even Sing for Their Supper by Lisa Rogak
Cats have a bad rep for being lazy, but they work, too! Not only do they work, they understand your office woes. Download and share all 6 of these e-cards with your colleagues (furry or human) who can commiserate.

Inbox meme
Costume meme
Coffee meme
Empire meme
Happy Hour meme
Intern meme


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