We’re seeing stars for John Scalzi’s THE END OF ALL THINGS (and not just because the Old Man’s War series is set in space)!

In the Hugo-award winning author’s sixth book in the series—a direct sequel to 2013’s THE HUMAN DIVISION—human and alien governments on the brink of war must foil the secret cabal that pushed them there.

“It’s classic crowd-pleasing Scalzi, offering thrilling adventure scenes (space battles, daring military actions, parachute jumps through a planet’s atmosphere), high-stakes politics, snarky commentary, and food for thought. Delightful, compulsively readable, and even somewhat nutritious brain candy.” — Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Scalzi knows just how to satisfy his fans, providing tense, thrilling action scenes while turning a critical eye on the interstellar equivalents of the military-industrial complex.” — Publishers Weekly, starred review

THE END OF ALL THINGS will be available from Tor Books on August 11.

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