Thriller Thursday (7/16/15 Edition)

We’ve got a couple of cops on the case and two terrific mysteries for you this #ThrillerThursday:

AFTER THE STORM by Linda Castillo
A tornado unearths human remains leading to a thirty-year-old cold case in Painters Mill. Meanwhile, a very emotional and personal turmoil strikes at Police Chief Kate Burkholder’s budding relationship with state agent John Tomasetti. “Another strong showing from a very fine crime writer.” — Booklist

Spann’s third historical set in 16th-century Japan offers an accessible entry into the country’s fascinating history and culture. Now that Laura Joh Rowland has finished the ‘Sano Ichiro’ series, Spann’s mysteries, as well as the excellent historicals of Dale Furutani and I.J. Parker, will fill the gap. An added draw are Hiro and Father Mateo, who make a remarkable crime-solving team.” Library Journal

OPEN GRAVE by Kjell Eriksson
The sixth book in this award-winning Swedish crime series finds police inspector Ann Lindell investigating the death of a Nobel Prize-winning professor. “More a psychological study than a police procedural, this entry is for connoisseurs of subtle, character-driven crime fiction.” — Publishers Weekly, starred review

DEADLY ELECTION by Lindsey Davis
Travel to Ancient Rome for a classic game of political musical chairs, joining Flavia Alba who’ll learn how far some will go to win. “As Albia evolves with each new installment, Davis steps closer to achieving the success of the ‘Marcus Falco’ mysteries. Appropriate for teens and anyone interested in historicals set in antiquity.” — Library Journal

What’s tingling your spine this #ThrillerThursday? Share your reads with us @MacmillanLib.

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