Awesome Audio: Sound Learning

Headphones black 75 60We love our friends at Macmillan Audio and they want you to know about an exciting new program for your patrons and students: Sound Learning.

Provided by the Audio Publishers Association (APA), this literacy toolkit gives librarians and teachers resources to integrate audiobooks into learning programs ranging from the classroom to summer reading and beyond.

Booklist‘s Mary Burkey wrote a fabulous feature article on Sound Learning, calling out the Sound Learning website, which includes:

* Downloadable suggestions on how public libraries can promote audiobooks with tips applicable for all ages
* Printable lesson plans, activities, and assignments applicable for all grades that can be used with any audiobook
* An overview of the benefits of audiobooks for literacy with a sharable infographic
* An extensive bibliography that offers research and rationale for audiobooks in the educational setting
* Links to organizations that expand the resources

A super cool feature of the site is the Audiobook Collection List, which divides audios into appropriate grade-level groupings among a variety of different subjects, such as social studies, science, mathematics, and foreign language—each with applicable Common Core Standards, activities, audio samples and printable resources.

You can learn more about Sound Learning at ALA Midwinter in Chicago this weekend! Visit the Publishers Spotlight booth 4621 to get materials for distribution and hear a special presentation of recommended titles.

For more information, visit

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