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All the Old Knives by Olen Steinhauer

“After the rescue of a hijacked plane in Vienna fails spectacularly, leaving everyone on board dead, CIA types stationed in Vienna wonder if their agent on the case had been somehow compromised. Nine years later, two of the agents, former lovers Henry Pelham and Celia Harrison, who has left the agency, meet near Celia’s California home to reconsider the question—and eye each other warily. Steinhauer, a Dashiell Hammett Award winner and two-time Edgar Award finalist, is big enough to get a one-day laydown.”–Library Journal, Pre-Pub Alert

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The Patriot Threat by Steve Berry

“When his former boss in the Justice Department asks him to track down a rogue North Korean possibly in possession of some hush-hush Treasury Department files, beloved Berry protagonist Cotton Malone finds himself chasing from Venice to Croatia in a tight 24 hours. The plot hinges on whether the 16th Amendment to the Constitution, which legalizes federal income tax, was properly ratified. Joining a new publisher with that nice little controversy, hugely best-selling author Berry gets red-carpet treatment, including a one-day laydown.”–Library Journal, Pre-Pub Alert

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The Tragic Age by Stephen Metcalfe

“Metcalfe snares readers’ attention with rich, fantastic characters…A wonderful read that is hard to put down, THE TRAGIC AGE will continue to haunt readers long after the last page has been turned.” — VOYA magazine

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Mad, Bad and Dangerous in Plaid
by Suzanne Enoch

The next book in the deliciously sexy Scandalous Highlanders series from New York Times bestseller Suzanne Enoch

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Bones & All by Camille DeAngelis

A haunting coming-of-age story about a young outcast as she sets out on a journey to find her long-lost father, who can tell her why she does the bad thing she does.

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The Last Flight of Poxl West by Daniel Torday

“Elijah Goldstein’s devoted Uncle Poxl is a Jewish World War II fighter pilot and an overnight literary sensation. What more could a boy want? While Torday is more likely to be compared to Philip Roth or Michael Chabon than Gillian Flynn, his debut novel has two big things in common with Gone Girl-it’s a story told in two voices, and it’s almost impossible to discuss without revealing spoilers. The reversal that defines this novel arrives late and changes the meaning of everything that’s come before, but that’s all you’ll hear about it here.”–Kirkus, starred review

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A Fireproof Home for the Bride by Amy Sceibe

“When her fiancé behaves shockingly, Emmeline (“Emmy”) Nelson kicks against her strict Lutheran upbringing in late 1950s Minnesota, getting a newspaper job and falling for a warm and charming Catholic boy. Then she learns that the Ku Klux Klan is active in the area—and that her family is involved. An in-house favorite that’s called part Annie Proulx and part Kent Haruf.”–Library Journal, Pre-Pub Alert

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Start Me Up by Nicole Michaels

Sparks fly between a sexy mechanic and a DIY loving single mom in the first book in this sexy contemporary romance series

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The Friendship of Criminals by Robert Glinski

“First-rate urban crime … maybe a future classic.”–Lee Child

“…The type of tremendously fun crime novel that gives bad guys a good name. A great read.”–Chris Pavone

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The Figaro Murders by Laura Lebow

Lorenzo Da Ponte, Mozart’s librettist, must either find a killer or take the fall himself, and spend the opening night of The Marriage of Figaro dangling from an executioner’s noose.

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Fractured by Kate Watterson

Blending mystery and romance, this action-packed thriller finds Detective Ellie MacIntosh racing to stop a serial killer

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Gwendolen by Diana Souhami

In an astonishing unsent love letter, a 19th-century Englishwoman looks back at her formative years, when she fell in love with one man but married another

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Voyage of the Basilisk by Marie Brennan

The thrilling adventure continues in the third volume of memoirs as Lady Trent undertakes an around-the-world sea voyage to discover new species of dragons

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Scent of Triumph by Jan Moran

A passionate and sweeping romance between a beautiful French perfumer from an aristocrat family and an American Naval captain, torn apart by World War II

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The Wednesday Group by Sylvia True

“British author True is making eyes pop with this first novel about five women who meet in a therapy group, where they examine what it’s like to be married to sex addicts. (Maybe their husbands should be in therapy, too?) Gail, a distinguished judge, is getting letters from the latest girlfriend of her theology husband, who says he’s sworn off promiscuity. Hannah stumbled over her husband having sex with a male prostitute. Bridget’s husband is addicted to match-making websites, while Lizzy’s is a porn addict. And Flavia’s husband has just been arrested for groping a teenage girl, which means she might end the marriage. Major publicity.”– Library Journal, Pre-Pub Alert

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Asylum by Jeannette de Beauvoir

A chilling mystery set in Montreal, featuring amateur sleuth Martine Leduc and an investigation into the  violent deaths of four women that are linked to a dark secret from the past

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