#thrillerthursday (12/11/14)

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Good morning and welcome to #thrillerthursday!
Today we’re reading:

FIVE by Ursula Archer

“Austrian children’s book author Archer makes her U.S. debut with her first adult novel, a riveting mystery that centers on geocaching, the hunt for hidden objects using only a GPS device… The suspense builds until the shocking climax.”–Publishers Weekly

“Sure to appeal to Stieg Larsson fans.”–Booklist

“A single mother of two, Beatrice is a refreshing protagonist who isn’t afraid to take chances in this first adult mystery from a noted Austrian YA and children’s book author. Archer’s very effective procedural, with some clever twists (and gruesome crimes), also explores the intriguingly odd world of geocaching, and those who inhabit it. While some readers may have things figured out before the end, the journey is well worth it.”–Library Journal


THE IRIS FAN Laura Joh Rowland

“Rowland offers the usual high-stakes suspense, convincing period detail, and nuanced characters you care about. Readers will be sorry to see the last of Sano.”–Publishers Weekly

“A rousing, fitting conclusion to this long-running series.”–Booklist


PERFECT SINS Jo Bannnister

Readers will look forward to seeing more of Bannister’s finely drawn leads—fragile but determined Ash and good-hearted, impetuous Best—especially after the shocking cliffhanger ending.”–Publishers Weekly

“As one old crime comes to a slow and sad resolution, another emerges with an urgency that will have readers demanding the next book in the series. Two compelling story lines for two compelling characters.”–Booklist

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