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This first book in the Great American Documents series (GREAT AMERICAN DOCUMENTS, Volume 1: 1620-1830 by Ruth Ashby and illustrated by Ernie Colón) tells the history of America through twenty of the major speeches, laws, proclamations, court decisions, and essays that shaped it between 1620 and 1830. 

It's already received two starred reviews! 

“[Ashby and Colón] breathe accessible and cogent life into the written documents that formed U.S. policy, beginning with the Mayflower Compact (1620) and ending with the Indian Removal Act (1830)... Colón uses well-designed, full-color panel layouts to eloquently blend charts and other informative graphics with straightforward images of events, clothing, and customs as well as clear, concise metaphors, all with an eye toward promoting a solid understanding of the basic facts and their impact... School libraries would do well to include this engaging volume in their history collections.” — Booklist, starred review

“Using notable treatises, pamphlets, laws, proclamations, and other documents, [The Great American Documents]—which begins with the Mayflower Compact and ends with the Monroe Doctrine and the Indian Removal Act—weaves together nearly two dozen vignettes with clarity and synthesis. Most remarkably, it covers the culture and context of each time period with a balanced truthfulness... For those who aren’t just curious about history but who really want to understand it, this is an exemplary volume.” — Publishers Weekly, starred review

“The cartoon approach helps refresh history and make it come alive. A good primer for students and a refresher course for their parents.” — Kirkus Reviews

GREAT AMERICAN DOCUMENTS, Volume 1: 1620-1830 is now available in paperback and hardcover from Hill & Wang.