Monday Fun Day on Columbus Day!

Hello lovely librarians! We hope you had a nice weekend and we know for some of you it's still the weekend because of Columbus Day. Here's a look at a couple key backlist titles, in the spirit of the day:
To recount the wild era when Europeans first roamed the New World (between Columbus's sail in 1492 and the Pilgrims' arrival in 1620), Horwitz sets out on a modern-day adventure. Along the way he retraced the steps of our early explorers by going inside an Indian sweat lodge in subarctic Canada, down the Mississippi in a canoe, taking a road trip fueled by buffalo meat, and fitting into sixty pounds of armor as a conquistador re-enactor in Florida.


1494: How a Family Feud in Medieval Spain Divided the World in Half by Stephen R. Bown
In 1494, award-winning author Stephen R. Bown tells the untold story of the explosive feud between monarchs, clergy, and explorers that split the globe between Spain and Portugal and made the world’s oceans a battleground. "This is a starry love story, a tale of seething jealousies and subterfuge, a political imbroglio, and religious cruelties. It sounds like Shakespeare and it could have very well been the plot of one of his plays.... In the 15th century, the world began to take shape in the ways we understand it today." –Toronto Star
Since we’re talking about exploration, here are some cats exploring exciting new places:
Cats in Funny Places
Happy Columbus Day!

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