For fans of sprawling family dramas such as Jonathan Franzen's FREEDOM, Jane Smiley's A THOUSAND ACRES, and Richard Russo's EMPIRE FALLS, Lamar Herrin's new novel FRACTURES is right up your alley. 

FRACTURES centers on the Joyner family whose home sits atop prime Marcellus Shale. When men from natural gas companies begin to lease property all around the family’s hundred acres, the Joyners start to take notice. Undecided on whether or not to lease the family land, patriarch Frank Joyner must weigh his heirs’ competing motivations, thus deciding the fate of his land and children. 

Kirkus Reviews did a feature interview with Lamar Herrin and early reviews for FRACTURES are great: 

“Herrin has long been drawn to morally complex situations (House of the Deaf; The Lies Boys Tell), and he examines another one here with great sympathy, psychological insight, and intelligence. What is so endearing about this book is that even under intense pressure, the members of this clan retain their decency and humanity. There is tragedy here, but there are also inspiring moments of compassion and kindness. A deeply moving novel that is highly recommended for fans of literary fiction.” – Library Journal

“Herrin’s deeply contemplative examination of this contentious topic is less about the environmental fallout from an invasive destruction of the land and more about the emotional fragility of a family who feels all too deeply the loss of a way of life.” Booklist, starred review 

“Novelist, memoirist and short story writer Herrin (Romancing Spain, 2006, etc.) has managed to transform the high profile, politically divisive issue of fracking into a thoroughly human, moving family drama…. Beautifully crafted.”  Kirkus Reviews


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Available on Nov. 12 from Thomas Dunne Books.

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