Booklist’s 2013 Best Crime Novels


It's #MysteryMonth over at Booklist and one of the things I love about that is getting to post a "year's best" list in summer—December and January get all the round-up love.

And if you're thinking, Hold up! There's a reason those round-ups are in December! Are these books from last year? This year? Next year?! Don't you fret, they've cleared that up for us: "As always, both our best crime novel lists draw from crime fiction reviewed in Booklist since the last Mystery Showcase issue"

In Top 10 Crime Fiction:


"Roiling human passion set against the sublime serenity of the chants produces a melody of uncommon complexity and beauty."

In Best Crime Fiction Debuts:

A GOOD DEATH by Christopher R. Cox

"[Cox] channels Conrad, Kipling, and Francis Ford Coppola. An insightful, transcendent adventure."

See Booklist's full list on "The Year’s Best Crime Novels: 2013."

THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY and A GOOD DEATH are both now available from Minotaur Books.


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