Mary Higgins Clark Award Goes to Hank Phillippi Ryan!

Major congratulations to reporter-turned-author Hank Phillippi Ryan, who won the 13th Mary Higgins Clark Award for her suspense novel, THE OTHER WOMAN

THE OTHER WOMAN is about a crack pair of investigators: Jane Ryland, a muckraking reporter, and Jake Brogan, a detective assigned to a high profile serial killer case, who have to work together to unravel the key to an election fraught with seduction, betrayal, and muuuurderrrr!

New York Times bestselling author Lee Child said, "THE OTHER WOMAN does everything a great suspense novel should." has a nice recap of the awards evening including some pictures of the attending authors.

The next book in Ryan's Jane Ryland and Jake Brogan suspense series, THE WRONG GIRL, will be available in September from Forge. Congrats, Hank!!


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