Our #FridayReads: Women in Disguise

Talia and I realized we're reading around the same theme this week: incognito women wreaking havoc on cities and men.

Talia's reading:

THE IMPOSTER BRIDE by Nancy Richler in which Lily, a mysterious mail-order bride, arrives in post-WWII Montreal only to disappear again leaving behind a new husband, a baby daughter, a diary, and a diamond.

Ali's reading:

BABAYAGA by Toby Barlow in which two ever-youthful witches, Zoya and Elga, arrive in 1950s Paris and encounter Will, a good-hearted Detroit ad man who might be working with the C.I.A., and Inspector Vidot who has the misfortune of being turned into a flea.

Today is also the last day to enter last week's #FridayReads sweepstakes for a signed copy of LOVE IS A CANOE! Details here.

Oh, we're also reading this bizarre article on Tor.com: "Your Cat is Literally Making You Crazy," because OMG WHAT?!

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