Macmillan Library is Buzzing Like Aldrin

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Hello, my dear librarian friends! I'm back from Chicago! Did you miss me?? I thought so.

Yesterday I got to talk up some of our most exciting forthcoming Spring and Fall titles, most of which I presented during the Library Journal Spring Adult Book Buzz (which is now archived and accessible via registration here). All of the Chicagoan librarians I met were absolutely wonderful and excellent lunch time conversationalists. Thanks to everyone who made it out!

Did I just hear someone say, "pics or it didn't happen?" Boom:

ali presenting

And did I hear someone else say, "tweets or it didn't happen?" ...No? Boom, anyway:

I needed some souvenirs so I stole all of the historic telescopes on display at the Adler Planetarium and I also found this kooky bean thing that someone left in Millennium Park. Call me if it's yours and you want it back.

Now, if you're feeling left out, don't panic! There is still more buzzing to be had:

Talia will be at the Boston Public Library on Wednesday, May 23rd. More details to come! And if you can't make that event, you can launch the archived version of Booklist's The Murderous Month of May: Hot Mysteries for Spring webinar right freaking now (webinar link)!

Thanks again for a great trip, Chicago!

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