In Today’s Episode of Library Marketing with Talia…

My cohort Ali is in Chicago today preparing for a title
presentation at the Chicago Public Library. In her absence, I promise to amuse
you with a few deep thoughts about books and kittens.

  1. -- What about Monday Fun-Day,
    you ask?  That will have to wait until Ali's return.
  2. -- But where exactly is Ali?
    She is
     here talking
     these books.
  3. -- No Edgars or Agathas
    for us – why does the world hate us?
  4. -- Mark Allen Smith’s propulsive debut, THE INQUISITOR,
     finally gets the love
    it deserves from Marilyn Stasio!
  5. -- One more shameless plug for DON’T EVER GET OLD
    – which has FOUR starred pre-pub reviews and comparisons to Elmore Leonard.
      ROCK ‘n ROLL!  




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