The Lover’s Dictionary Contest Winners!

Wow, wow, wow! We had such an amazing time reading through all of the great entries for our Valentine's Day creative contest inspired by THE LOVER'S DICTIONARY!

Here are a few of the definitions that made us laugh, sigh, and swoon:

Be's entry:

off-guard, adj.

Just when our life together eases into the humdrum and the mundane, you catch me off-guard and remind me of your capacity for generosity, kindness and joy. Wow!

P.S. Thanks for putting the cats out at 3 AM so I could sleep.

Maggie's entry:

darling, adj.

When you send a sweet text in the middle of the day.

darlinger, adj.comparitive

When you fill the gas tank in my car.

darlingest, adj. superlative

When we order a slice of chocolate cake "to share" and after it arrives, you say "Honestly, honey, I am so full, I couldn't eat a bite. Do you think you could finish it off so it doesn't go to waste?"

Robin B's entry:

Mismatch, n.

He likes Coke; I like Pepsi. He likes mayonnaise; I like Miracle Whip. He likes bleu cheese dressing; I like honey mustard. He likes TV; I like reading. He likes spicy; I like no spice. After 39 years of marriage, it doesn't matter.

Go read the rest of the entries in the comments section here! All of the winners have been notified via e-mail.

 If you're not sure if you won, please e-mail us.

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