FOUR STARS for Caroline Bock’s LIE!

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We are blown away by the reviews for Caroline Bock's LIE, a sensitive and complex YA novel about a small town hate crime. Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews, and Booklist have all given LIE a starred review!


Kirkus Reviews calls LIE, "unusual and important," and says, "This effective, character-driven, episodic story examines the consequences of a hate crime on the teens involved in it. [...] Realistic and devastatingly insightful, this novel can serve as a springboard to classroom and family discussions."

Publishers Weekly says, "Avoiding preachiness, Bock handles the novel's multiple viewpoints exceptionally well, rotating among the painfully believable voices of high school students and adults. Her characters may keep the truth inside, but their story reads like a confessional."

Library Journal says, "Bock’s debut will grip readers searching for complete realism in their fiction."

Booklist has yet to publish their full review, but we'll update when they do!


This is an excellent read for all Americans, teen and up.

LIE is now available from St. Martin's Griffin.

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