A Burial at Sea: Best Charles Lenox Mystery To Date!

Charles Finch's fifth Charles Lenox Mystery, A BURIAL AT SEA, has earned a starred review from Publishers Weekly! Here's a quick peek at the story:

It's 1873 and a string of English spies have been found dead on French soil. The threat of all-out war prompts government officials to ask Charles Lenox to visit the newly-dug Suez Canal on a secret mission. Once he is on board the Lucy, however, Lenox finds himself in the midst of a new mystery: the ship’s second lieutenant is found dead on the voyage’s first night, his body cruelly abused. Lenox finds the trail, but in the claustrophobic atmosphere on board, where nobody can come or go and everyone is a suspect, he has to race against the next crime—and also hope he won’t be the victim.

"Agatha Christie meets Patrick O’Brian in Finch’s accomplished fifth whodunit set in Victorian England (after 2010’s A STRANGER IN MAYFAIR), the best in the series to date." Publishers Weekly (starred review)

A BURIAL AT SEA will be available in November from Minotaur.


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