First Star for Cherie Priest’s Ganymede!


Clockwork Century fans rejoice! Cherie Priest's third installment in the steampunk series, GANYMEDE, will be out in October and has already received its first glowing review. Publishers Weekly stamped a star on GANYMEDE and said,

The smashing third volume in Priest’s Clockwork Century steampunk alternate-history Civil War series (after 2010’s DREADNOUGHT) stars Josephine Early, New Orleans brothel owner and Union spy, who must deliver Ganymede, a prototype submarine, to the North. There are only a few problems: no one has ever successfully piloted the craft, and the Texian and Confederate armies are actively searching for it. Josephine’s former lover, Andan Cly, agrees to help while completing his primary mission of retrieving supplies for blighted Seattle, where noxious gas forces residents to live underground and zombies remain a constant peril. Priest is at the top of her game, equally deft with pirate battles and mature romance: Cly is tentatively connecting with earlier protagonist Briar Wilkes, sheriff of Seattle, making him elegantly cautious around Josephine as they both try to focus on their mission. Clockwork Century fans will dub this installment the best yet. 

What was that last line again? "Clockwork Century fans will dub this installment the best yet!" Well done, Ms. Priest.

GANYMEDE will be available in October from Tor Books.


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