Booklist’s Bookmakers Featured Talia in All Her… Gory

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seeing redEarlier today Booklist debuted their new publishing house-focused e-newsletter, Bookmakers, featuring everything Minotaur. They interviewed Andrew Martin, listed upcoming titles, spotlighted Minotaur authors, aaand asked Talia for recommended books!

The editor's note on "Seeing Red: Talia's Favorite Gory Bits" reads,

"Sure, if you read Talia’s gory favorites, you’ll find the occasional spleen enjoying the open air rather than resting quietly wherever it belongs inside our bodies, but beyond that, you’ll also find a bunch of richly satisfying stories peopled by multidimensional characters who will make you think as much as they make you retch."

Go read "Seeing Red: Talia's Favorite Gory Bits."

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