Come Talk Books on Twitter

I can't imagine why, but I've heard rumors that some of you aren't on Twitter. And don't think you can pull the wool over my eyes; you're reading this post, therefore, you have Internet access and a few minutes to spare! Caught you.

I believe it's my duty to let you peculiar, non-twittering folks know that you're missing out on a lot of fun such as monthly galley chats with @EarlyWord (#ewgc), discussions with patrons about #FridayReads, and best of all, 140-character book recommendations from all the librarians you love!

Some of my favorite book tweets come from the one and only Nancy Pearl (@Nancy_Pearl). I've posted a few of her suggestions below so you can get a taste of just what you're missing:

Nancy Tweet

Nancy Tweet

The only downside is you'll have to listen to Talia and me complaining about how horrible our days are.

Talia loves kittens

Come join the conversation already! 

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