The Free World: A Reading and Starred Reviews

If you see me out at a professional event, I'll be drinking white wine, or a gin and tonic, or maybe a really pale beer. Maybe. I do this for both our sakes because I'm one of those girls that spills. But last night I really should have forsaken this protective stance and ordered one of the never-clear, but ever-intriguing infused vodkas at the Russian Samovar. Cranberry, pepper, or even garlic vodka would have been the perfect companion for an evening of Soviet Union-themed literature at the FSG Reading series featuring David Bezmozgis reading from his debut novel, THE FREE WORLD. Scheduled for release in April, THE FREE WORLD is already delighting reviewers. 

"Bezmozgis makes good on the promise of his celebrated first book, NATASHA: AND OTHER STORIES (2004), in his spectacular first novel. Sharply funny and fast-paced, yet splendidly saturated with intriguing psychological nuance and caustic social commentary, The Free World follows a contentious Latvian Jewish family as they join the chaotic exodus of Soviet Jews in 1978 . . . Bezmozgis infuses every scene with prismatic significance, covering an astonishing swath of Jewish and Soviet history, immigrant traumas, sexual drama, and family angst. A brilliantly ironic and beautifully human novel of exile and yearning." - Booklist, Starred Review

"Bezmozgis proves why he was recently proclaimed one of The New Yorker’s 20 Under 40; this is mellifluous, utterly captivating writing, and you’ll live with the Krasnansky family as if it were your own." - Library Journal, Starred Review

Publishers Weekly has picked THE FREE WORLD as one of its Top 10 Literary Fiction titles for Spring 2011.

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