#ThrillerThursday (11/07/19)

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Searching for a boy in the worst of a Vermont winter, a Gilded Age Manhattan murder, and secret societies filled with wine + murder–all in this #ThrillerThursday.

BLIND SEARCH: A Mercy Carr Mystery by Paula Munier

“There’s so much to praise here: Munier’s deep knowledge of the culture of hunting (especially the bow-and-arrow variety); her brisk, incisive characterizations; the way she maintains a taut line of suspense throughout; and, best of all, her portrayals of wounded yet still courageous pairs of humans and dogs. A not-to-be-missed K-9 mystery.”–Booklist, starred review

TELL ME NO LIES: A Lady Dunbridge Mystery (Volume 2) by Shelley Noble

“Historical mystery buffs and fans of amateur sleuths will eagerly await the next Lady Dunbridge adventure.”–Library Journal

THE ANGEL’S SHARE: A Wine Country Mystery by Ellen Crosby

“The disparate plot threads come together in an exciting and satisfying conclusion. Crosby knows how to keep the reader guessing.”–Publishers Weekly

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