Cat in the Stacks

Friends, meet Frederick “Freddie” Paw Olmsted. He lives with SMP executive editor, Keith Kahla, who wants to tell you all about him:

Freddie in the Stacks-edit

“The cat is relatively new. He was a street rescue by a friend of a former assistant—a stray who was living on the streets of Bed Stuy (editor’s note: the cat, not the assistant). She took care of all the important vet stuff, but he and Otter, her rescue pit bull, weren’t the best of friends.”

Freddie and Otter

Long story short, he came home with me.


We seem to have a similar outlook on life.

F&K selfie

And we get along.

freddie sleeping

Though he is very curious about what’s on my shelves, and if there’s anything good to read.

freddie shelves-edit

Sometimes, he fancies himself an editor (a Fred-itor?). Or just wonders why Keith has to work so much.

freddie manuscript

And like the Dowager on Downton Abbey, he simply does not approve.

Frederick Paw Olmsted does not approve

2 thoughts on “Cat in the Stacks

  1. What a beautiful kitty. How lucky you are. Pawwwsitivity
    Enjoy your special furry friend.

    East Forest Park Branch Library
    Springfield, MA 01118

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