Happy Earth Day 2016!

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Happy Earth Day! Looking for environmentally friendly titles to feature in your library? Then check out our Earth Day Edelweiss collection, including these new books:

GREENPEACE CAPTAIN: My Adventures in Protecting the Future of Our Planet by Peter Willcox & Ronald Weiss
This stunning autobiography tells the thrilling story of a very brave adventurer as he goes from a being a young man sailing with Pete Seeger to becoming the heroic environmentalist he is today. “Willcox is a man of action, and his courage is clear, especially when fighting for such a voluntary cause.” — Kirkus Reviews

TIPPING POINT FOR PLANET EARTH: How Close Are We to the Edge? by Anthony D. Barnosky & Elizabeth A. Hadly
“Paleoecologists who have immersed themselves in both primitive cultures and modern societies, this husband-and-wife team traveled the globe to observe the trajectory of current behavior and project the possibilities of how trends can be altered. Frequently unsettling, often surprising, yet not without a modicum of hope, the authors’ cogent and articulate analysis of our past and present presents an urgent view of the steps required to ensure a livable future.” — Booklist

THE GREEN AND THE BLACK: The Complete Story of the Shale Revolution, the Fight over Fracking, and the Future of Energy by Gary Sernovitz
A comprehensive look at America’s shale revolution and fracking’s effect on communities, industry, and the war on climate change. “Mr. Sernovitz’s book is structured as a series of essays rather than built around a single propulsive narrative. This works especially well as he tiptoes through the arguments linking our consumption of fossil fuels to climate change. It is refreshing to have such contentious issues sieved through Mr. Sernovitz’s inquisitive mind, balancing the most pessimistic and optimistic visions of change.” — The Wall Street Journal

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