Booklist Editors’ Choice 2015

Yesterday Booklist revealed their Editors’ Choice Books of 2015, including these 11 Macmillan titles:

Adult Books
CHILDREN OF THE STONE: The Power of Music in a Hard Land by Sandy Tolan
This is an engrossing and powerful story, moving skillfully amid the failure of the never-ending battles and “peace” talks between Israel and Palestine and the determination of one brave young man to change his world through music.

LISTENING TO STONE: The Art and Life of Isamu Noguchi by Hayden Herrera
Herrera sensitively portrays Isamu Noguchi as an artist of “unstoppable creative energy” whose mixed heritage caused him endless anguish, including time in a WWII Japanese American internment camp, reinvigorating appreciation for Noguchi’s dramatic life and evocative art.

BLACK MAN IN A WHITE COAT: A Doctor’s Reflections on Race and Medicine by Damon Tweedy
African American psychiatrist Tweedy incisively illuminates the intersection of race and medicine in a compelling blend of statistics, personal anecdotes, and patient histories.

DO NO HARM: Stories of Life, Death, and Brain Surgery by Henry Marsh
English neurosurgeon Marsh looks back on his three-decade career with bracing candor, dramatically and informatively detailing brain surgery’s high risks and difficult emotional terrain.

BLUESTONE: New and Selected Poems by James Lasdun
Lasdun is a poet of great technical excellence, who writes compellingly about marriage, parenthood, fandom, man and dog, and person and place with reflection and rumination, venturing, too, into memoir and stories.

BEYOND WORDS: What Animals Think and Feel by Carl Safina
Safina vividly illuminates the complex inner lives of highly intelligent, socially advanced animals by portraying individual elephants, wolves, and whales in mesmerizing and moving tales from the wild and the realm of cutting-edge science.

OUTLINE by Rachel Cusk
Cusk’s message about love, loss, and feminine identity in the modern world is evident not only in her story but also in its delivery in this expertly crafted portrait that asks readers to look deeply into the text for discovery.

PURITY by Jonathan Franzen
Franzen brings together a lonely young woman burdened with massive student debt and an enigmatic mother, and the charismatic East German leader of a WikiLeaks-like group in a far-reaching, darkly comic tale of political and technological tyranny.

Adult Books for Young Adults
DISGRUNTLED by Asali Solomon
High-schooler Kenya navigates racial politics and the difficult, changing dynamics of her family, dealing with the volatile split of her parents, librarian Sheila and radical Johnbrown, in this bold and witty first novel.

In Miami’s Little Cuba, Lizet prepares to leave for college, confounding her family with her career aspirations. Crucet crafts Lizet’s character with such sympathy that watching her evolve is utterly compelling. Integrating topics of ethnicity, identity, change, familial obligation, and leaving home, this sumptuous tale will resonate with many teens.

Books for Youth
CARRY ON by Rainbow Rowell
Superstar Rowell smartly turns classic fantasy tropes upside-down. “Chosen One” Simon Snow and his archrival/love interest Baz Pitch go to magic school, fight monsters, get messages from ghosts, and figure out their destinies. Sound familiar? Spot-on characterizations and an epic romance make this hard to put down.

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