EW Fall Books Preview

Entertainment Weekly gave us a sneak preview of this year’s “dazzlingly rich” fall season in a recent issue guest edited by Andy Cohen (hey there, MOST TALKATIVE!). While only their list of Blockbuster Novels is available online, Anne’s got the scoop on all the other Macmillan picks:

Blockbuster Novels

PURITY by Jonathan Franzen
In Franzen’s long-awaited doorstop of a novel, a girl named Purity embarks on a journey through South America to find herself.

The financial crisis is drenched in humor in this tale about a banker whose life becomes more interesting when a downtrodden author starts fictionalizing it.

Tell All Memoirs & Bios

HOME IS BURNING by Dan Marshall
When he was 25, Marshall’s dad was diagnosed with ALS and his mom with cancer. So he quit his job to return home and care for them. Sounds depressing, but it’s actually scathing, funny, profane, and deeply affectionate.

Women Who Rock and Write

BOYS IN THE TREES by Carly Simon
Simon’s memoir covers her Greenwich Village folk roots, her songwriting stardom, and her marriage to James Taylor.

Riveting Nonfiction

THE MAKING OF HOME by Judith Flanders
When did houses evolve into homes? You’ll find out in Flanders’ lively trek through some 500 years of history.

THE WHITE ROAD by Edmund de Waal
De Waal, author of the extraordinarily beautiful family memoir THE HARE WITH AMBER EYES, has managed to turn the history of porcelain into a gripping page-turner.

Pulse-Pounding Thrillers

After two men show up at a remote Colorado farmhouse, they mow down everyone except a 10-year-old girl, whom they pursue after she escapes into the snow.

Graphic Adventures

KILLING AND DYING by Adrian Tomine
Tomine’s graphic story collection is an emotional meditation on mortality, family, and the creative life.

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