MaxShelf-SummerSecretsToday’s Maximum Shelf Awareness features one of our favorite women’s fiction authors, Jane Green, and her latest novel, SUMMER SECRETS.

Green has never shied away from tackling hot-button issues, such as extramarital affairs and divorce, mental and physical illness, families in transition, death and grief and the angst of midlife. SUMMER SECRETS examines the heart, mind, and soul of a woman grappling with alcoholism and how that addiction pacifies and plagues every aspect of her life.

“Green has written an impassioned, harrowing drama rife with betrayals, reversals and secrets. In chilling detail, she delves into the circuitous, emotional journey of a woman who is keenly perceptive yet sadly powerless to help herself. Readers will root for Cat to do better, to live smarter, to find a way to forgive herself and make amends with those she’s hurt in the hope she can move beyond the regrets of her own dark past and step into a brighter future. ” — Shelf Awareness

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“This harrowing novel offers hard-earned redemption and healing.”
— Publishers Weekly

“Fans of Green’s novels will feel at home in this compelling story of a woman struggling with addition and seeking forgiveness.” — Booklist

“The story line and flawed characters will give readers something to think about when they bring Green’s latest to the beach.” — Library Journal

SUMMER SECRETS will be available from St. Martin’s Press and Macmillan Audio on June 23, 2015.

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