Cartoons Make Everything Better

It’s true: cartoons make everything better! Saturday mornings, bubble gum, and now, philosophy.

The latest volume of the celebrated Cartoon Introduction series, THE CARTOON INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHY, is an indispensable primer to the fundamental questions about our existence from philosopher Michael F. Patton and talented illustrator Kevin Cannon.

Following the wisecracking Greek Heraclitus as he canoes down the winding river of philosophy, readers meet the pre-Socratics, who first questioned mythology and wondered about the world around them; encounter the disciplines of logic, perception, and epistemology; face the central problem of free will; and witness historic arguments over the existence of God. Oh yeah, and meet famous thinkers like René Descartes, Immanuel Kant, Friedrich Nietzsche, Charles Darwin, and more (talking fish may be involved).


“Patton and Cannon also offer a nice visual portrait of each philosopher as well as a concise summary of each person’s work and ideas, not to mention a helpful glossary covering the spectrum from ‘Absolutism’ to ‘Validity.’ A fun, clear and clever introduction to the rich history of philosophy in the Western world.” Kirkus Reviews

“Cannon’s art transcends what could have been a second-place relationship to keep this textbook-like explanation of the key thinkers of history visually entertaining. The concept-based structure, which incorporates ideas from across eras, is welcoming and understandable to the casual reader, accompanied by Cannon’s sometimes-funny, sometimes-insightful visual metaphors.” — Publishers Weekly

THE CARTOON INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHY will be available from Hill & Wang on April 21, 2015.

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