Collection Development Spotlight: Af/Am

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Today in the wonderful world of Macmillan Library, we’d like to tell you about some of our favorite recent Af/Am titles:

PASTOR NEEDS A BOO by Michele Andrea Bowen
Reverend Denzelle Flowers is running for Bishop, but complicating matters are his dirt digging ex-wife, a ruthless consortium of corrupted clergy who want power for themselves, and his feelings for the lovely Marsha Metcalf, a new member of the Pastor’s Aide Club. “Bowen’s newest tale has a slightly sexy, edgier feel, which will appeal to younger readers while retaining her many fans. Bowen takes her time setting up the church politics and the characters’ problems, but adds plenty of humor to keep readers going to the perfect ending.” — Booklist

Jordan Gatewood made a huge mistake when he put his hands on Lonnie Adebayo, thinking that he could get away with it. But he made an even bigger mistake by not making sure that she was dead. And now Lonnie’s out for revenge… “Mason’s characters create an addictive drama with universal themes of laying claim to family—and to the truth.” — Publishers Weekly on BEAUTIFUL, DIRTY, RICH
Look for the final novel in Mason’s riveting, sexy Gatewood family trilogy, CRAZY, SEXY, REVENGE in October 2014!

ALWAYS UNIQUE by Nikki Turner
ALWAYS UNIQUE contains three Nikki Turner novellas previously available only as eBooks starring Unique, a former criminal who falls in love and tries to build a normal, happy life despite her past. “Readers who like Turner’s earlier work will enjoy this collection, and the third novella offers a surprise twist that is especially satisfying.” — Booklist

And because it’s Monday, here are some cute tiger cubs:
Shh… they’re napping!

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