Supporting Patrons in Times of Tragedy

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You guys have the perfect job, right? Every day, several times a day, you send readers off on their next great adventure to Middle Earth, Mars, or Mount Everest.

But I know it's not always like that, and I can't imagine what an immensely difficult responsibility it must be to help a patron find just the right book to help assuage personal hardship.

In the wake of the tragedy in Newtown, CT, Library Journal recommended four incredibly helpful titles for patrons hoping to aid a child during grief. Read "Facing What No Child Should: Titles on Bereavement" to see all four. 

One of the titles featured in the article was THE JOURNEY THROUGH GRIEF AND LOSS: Helping Yourself and Your Child When Grief Is Shared by Robert Zucker, M.A., L.C.S.W. who reassures readers that a grieving parent can still be an effective parent and offers them tools to help explain death to children and to understand how adults and kids grieve differently. 

"In this tender and compassionate book, social worker and bereavement specialist Zucker helps parents and children explore their grief with practical advice for the ongoing journey to healing." -Library Journal

THE JOURNEY THROUGH GRIEF AND LOSS is now available from St. Martin's Griffin.


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