The Monster is Within: Hemlock Grove on Netflix!

I have been very anxious to see what Eli Roth is going to do with Brian McGreevy's dark, small-town murder mystery debut HEMLOCK GROVE in his series adaptation for Netflix. 

Adaptations have always seemed daunting to me and the bizarre tone of HEMLOCK GROVE will make for an additional challenge. Fingers-crossed on this girl that the translation sings. 

We got out first peek recently in the trailer:

hemlock trailer

Come April Netflix will be promoting this show like crazy. Since all the episodes drop at the same time, it'll watch more like a 13-hour movie than a season of tv. Don't be surprised if you get some bloodshot eyes scoping the stacks for McGreevy's source material soon after.

HEMLOCK GROVE is available from Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

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