The Post-BEA Recap

Man, oh man, what a conference!

Talia and I were pumped to see/meet/catch up with so many wonderful librarians! Thanks to everyone who came to our events and panels. We hope your conference was as good (and not quite as crazy!) as ours.

Here's a quick look at a few great BEA moments for us...

- Monday night we had a delightful meal at the 6th Annual AAP and Library Journal Adult Librarians Dinner. Thanks to everyone who joined us! We should have warned you that you would all leave with a major crush on Mark Shriver, author of A GOOD MAN... sorry about that.



- On Tuesday, we had a great turn out for Part I of the Librarians Book Buzz panel. If you missed the session, our handout is hosted here (PDF). Try to guess which title is "the FIFTY SHADES OF GREY of fundamentalist Christian family sagas" and which is "the HUNGER GAMES of metaphysical suspense" (answer to both: I'm just being ridiculous). 

- We caught a few excellent and informative panels including What Librarians Wish Publishers Knew, Enter The Library Market & Drive Sales With Lessons From Patron Profiles, and the 4th Annual Librarian Shout 'n Share! I heard a rumor that the fine folks at EarlyWord will be hosting notes for a few of these panels on their website, so if we see them we'll direct you there.

- Today, classy librarians Stephanie Chase, Alene Moroni, and David Wright swung by the office to check out our digs. 




While we were away...

- Talia received the second Nancy Pearl Rediscoveries book, AFTER LIFE by Rhian Ellis, and yes, we're still fawning over that charming logo!

And now it's time to nap.

Have a wonderful weekend, all!


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