On the Shelf: The Sequel to Wolf Hall

Shelf Awareness just ran a super sexy Maximum Shelf featuring BRING UP THE BODIES, Hilary Mantel's much-anticipated sequel to her 2009 Booker Prize winning novel, WOLF HALL!

BRING UP THE BODIES is the chilling story of Anne Boleyn's downfall from the perspective of Thomas Cromwell. Here are a few quotes from the Shelf Awareness review: 


"Mantel weaves a richly textured world that is at once deeply foreign and entirely relevant."

"Erotic desire and violent death are a constant, powerful undercurrent despite their subtle deployment."

"No one can know for certain the thoughts and feelings of historical figures--but from extant evidence and an understanding of human nature, a writer can extrapolate, inventing an imagined reality that is convincing in every detail. We see this firsthand, as Cromwell sets out to write the story of Anne Boleyn--and use it to bring about her death."


vikSee the full Maximum Shelf here including an interview with Mantel and a great portrait of Vik, the chill, blue Shelf Awareness guru, all decked out in Tudor finery (see right)!

BRING UP THE BODIES is available now from Henry Holt and Co.

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