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We're big fans of Douglas Lord's Books for Dudes column over at Library Journal. Recently he reviewed a good stack of our unputdownable books, many of which left him cranky from lack of sleep.

We've picked a few choice passages from his reviews to share with you here.

THE VARIATIONS by John Donatich (available in February from Holt)

"When you see me dragging a** around work and looking kind of cranked off at the dinner table, know it’s because this book kept me up long, long after bedtime."

CHILDREN OF WRATH by Paul Grossman (available in February from St. Martin's Press)

Lord called it "an immensely satisfying, all-around winner." And said, "It was compelling enough to keep me up hours past my bedtime and once even to cause me to fall prey to that classic bedtime blunder: falling book-clutched-in-hands, glasses-on-face asleep. This was, of course, followed by the classic wake-up-90-minutes-later-completely-disoriented-and-drooling."

JOE GOLEM AND THE DROWNING CITY by Christopher Golden & Mike Mignola (available in March from St. Martin's Press)

"Mignola, the artist known for the “Hellboy” graphic novel series, and the prolific Golden, whose credits include the YA horror novel STRANGEWOOD, jointly crafted this enjoyable, steampunky YA title." He also warned, "if, like me, you decide that a large cup of coffee at 8:30 pm on a Wednesday is Just. The. Thing. You. Want., well, look no further: you’ll enjoy cranking through this and wake up with a Thursday book’n’caffeine hangover."

THE GIRL NEXT DOOR by Brad Parks (available in March from Minotaur)

Lord said it's, "breezily enjoyable," and admitted, "I skipped two prime nap times and stayed up three hours past bedtime one night, accompanied only by chocolate, tea, and my special blue blankie."

Check out the full article on LibraryJournal.com to see what else Lord recommends.

And browse all of his Books for Dudes columns here.



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