Nancy Pearl’s Under the Radar Reads

The always
amazing Nancy Pearl highlighted her
favorite summer reads on NPR
yesterday, proving something that we've known all along: when Nancy Pearl speaks, readers

According to our pal Nora Rawlinson over at
Nancy’s seal of
approval prompted each title’s sales ranking on Amazon to
skyrocket. For example, the debut novel The Lotus Eaters shot from
#40,504 to #163! That Nancy Pearl
sure can sell books!! 

Excerpts from Nancy's program:

The Good Son: "The
sort of novel that makes you think about things like families, loyalty, religion
and politics... Gruber's finest novel to date." --Nancy Pearl, the illustrious

Blood Harvest: "Blood
is, not to put too fine a word on it,
outstanding." --Nancy Pearl, the iridescent

: "A treat to behold." --Nancy Pearl, the

The Lotus Eaters:
"A devastatingly awesome novel." --Nancy Pearl, the


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