PW Fall 2021 Announcements

Publishers Weekly released their Fall 2021 Announcements! Here are the Macmillan titles that should be on your radar: Art, Architecture & Photography CREATION: Art from the Beginning by John-Paul StonardTHE LOFT GENERATION: From the de Koonings to Twombly: Portraits and Sketches, 1942–2011 by Edith Schloss Audio BEAUTIFUL WORLD, WHERE ARE YOU by Sally Rooney, read […]

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Edelweiss Bookfest 2021 Great Big Galley Grab

During yesterday’s Edelweiss Bookfest, librarians gathered for the Great Big Galley Grab–an hour of collection development/readers advisory gold, filled with all the Fall 2021 titles they can’t wait to gab about. Check out all the Macmillan titles that were shouted ‘n shared: Adult:NEVER SAY YOU CAN’T SURVIVE by Charlie Jane Anders | 9781250800015 | 8/17/21UNDER […]

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