Geek Week Event Recap & Trade of Queens GIVEAWAY!

Geek Week Event Recap & Trade of Queens GIVEAWAY!

You guys remember Ben, right? Oh, you know, Ben! From waaay back when (a month ago)?

He's agreed to be my unofficial Tor liaison: slipping me galleys hot off the press and passing on whispers about upcoming Tor excitement, so I can pass it on to you! Last night Ben was gentleman enough to escort the new girl (me) to that super awesome Tor reading and concert at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe I told you all about. 

It's beyond me how Jo Walton and Charles Stross have escaped reading in New York for this long since they were both eloquent and hilarious readers. If you get the chance to see either of them read, do it. 

I also managed to scrounge up two copies of Stross' latest, THE TRADE OF QUEENS, for you librarians! If you would like to be entered into the drawing, send an email this week to: library at macmillanusa dot com (subject: Stross Giveaway!).