Featured Feline Friday!

Featured Feline Friday!

We want to give a little extra love to all of the mystical, sphinx-like kitties that were featured in this month's e-newsletter (missed out? View the e-newsletter here!). 


Sphinx Cats

From left to right:

Sphinx Tiger (caretaker: Stephanie Chase, Multnomah County)
Sphinx Peach (caretaker: Alene Moroni, King County)
Lazy Sphinx Cubby (caretaker: Erin Shea, Darien)
Sphinx Sasha (caretaker: Jessica E. Moyer, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
The Late Sphinx Annabelle (caretaker: Dawn Rutherford, Sno-Isle)

Rest in peace, lovely Annabelle. As for the rest of you mysterious furballs, I have no doubt that you will continue confounding us with your adorable kitten riddles!