The Talia Show is On the Road

The Talia Show is On the Road


Welp, it's official: Talia has taken The Talia Show on the road.

From now on, she'll mostly be working out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina and occasionally returning to Macmillan headquarters in New York. Don't worry, you'll still see her at conferences and online. 

Yesterday Talia had Shmackies and Marcy pack up at home while she packed up her office and they're all soon to be on the road south (I was promised road trip pictures!).

The cats seem to be taking the move in stride so far (proof!), but I will keep you updated.

cats packing

Be well until next we see you, Talia!

Take care of our girl, Shmackies!

Send me coping chocolates, everyone else!

If you hear soft whimpering sounds coming from the Flatiron, that's just me being a baby.