#BookBday Bonus: THE SHELF

#BookBday Bonus: THE SHELF

We've got another special Book Birthday this week: THE SHELF: From LEQ to LES: Adventures in Extreme Reading by Phyllis Rose.

Can you have an Extreme Adventure in a library?
Phyllis Rose casts herself into the wilds of an Upper East Side lending library in an effort to do just that. Hoping to explore the “real ground of literature,” she reads her way through a somewhat randomly chosen shelf of fiction, from LEQ to LES. 

Praise for THE SHELF:

“A seasoned, open-minded, and passionate reader, inquisitive thinker, and delectably lucid and witty writer, Rose rallies readers to affirm our love of literature and libraries.” Booklist, starred review  

“Rose's...understanding of readers and reading is candid and sincere.”
— Library Journal

“Rose’s experiment provides specific case studies to use in weighing the age-old question: which books are worth keeping? For skeptics of the canon, this book will make the cut.” — Publishers Weekly

“Chatty, enthusiastic and at times rambling, Rose is a welcoming guide on her latest journey of literary discovery.” — Kirkus Reviews


To celebrate the publication of THE SHELF, we’re offering librarians a chance to win an entire shelf of books from Macmillan (including THE SHELF) to those of you that are “extreme” enough to try Phyllis’s experiment! 

Simply select a shelf of adult books in your library according to the specified guidelines:
* No more than five books by the same author on the shelf
* The selection must include a diversity of authors
* The selection must include classics and modern work
* Children’s books are not eligible

Take a picture of the shelf and send it to us with a report about the books you read on your shelf. The report should include detailed summaries and your thoughts on each book—one or two sentences won’t count! And please remember that Children’s books are not eligible for this project.

Email your reports to library@macmillanusa.com with the subject line “The Shelf Project.” 

The sweepstakes is open from May 13 through November 14 and prize shelves of books are limited to the first five responders. 

We know we’re asking for you to do a lot of reading, but we also know that librarians are expert speed readers. We hope you have an extreme adventure in your library and perhaps you’ll add a nice collection to your stacks. Good luck!



March Madness!

March Madness!

We've barely recovered from a fantastic PLA 2014, but we've got our green on for St. Patrick's Day, and our pencils are ready to fill in our NCAA Tournament brackets! Talia and Anne will be rooting for the UNC Tar Heels and the Arizona Wildcats, respectively, but there's one thing they both agree on:
These two UNC grads who host the “Tar Heel Bred, Tar Heel Dead” podcast tell you why no team in sports is as uniquely hated as those smug, entitled, floor-slapping, fist-pumping, insufferable Blue Devils. 

And here are a few more titles for your March Madness fans:

Davis's book charts the rise of the championship as we know it today through the epic rivalry between two exceptional players: Earvin “Magic” Johnson and his Michigan State Spartans and Larry Bird's Indiana State Sycamores.

THE PERFECT GAME: How Villanova’s Shocking 1985 Upset of Mighty Georgetown Changed the Landscape of College Hoops Forever by Frank Fitzpatrick
Critically acclaimed veteran sportswriter Frank Fitzpatrick takes readers courtside for one of the greatest upsets in college basketball history, the 1985 Villanova/Georgetown national championship showdown.

LUTE! The Seasons of My Life by Lute Olson and David Fisher
Olson’s career told in fifty seasons, from working as a high school coach up to the top of the basketball world, winning national and world championship games and eventually being enshrined in the basketball Hall of Fame. (Fun fact: Anne met Lute in college!)

WOODEN: A Coach's Life by Seth Davis
A provocative and revelatory new biography of the legendary UCLA coach John Wooden that draws on archival research and more than two hundred interviews with players, opponents, coaches, and even Wooden himself. [...]