The Big Idea: Steven Gould on Whatever

The Big Idea: Steven Gould on Whatever

Steven Gould's latest novel in the world of JUMPER is now available! It's called IMPULSE and the story follows Cent, Davy's daughter, who is a second generation Jumper.

There are few things I love more than listening to two fantastic authors chat it up (this is also why I love all of the events at the Pop Top Stage during ALA conferences so freaking much). So I'm aggressively directing you (think stuttering neon arrow sign) toward Whatever, John Scalzi's blog, where Scalzi extended his soapbox to Gould for a quick rundown of the scientific revelations in the Jumper universe and how they magnify the drama of the stories.

Gould starts with the science,

"In the first book we learned a few things about Jumping: 1. Jumping does not conserve momentum. Davy can jump off a cliff or a tall building and, as long as he jumps before he goes splat at the bottom, he carries none of the acquired downward velocity with him when he appears elsewhere."

Then gives us a sneak peek of how Cent will manipulate that in IMPULSE,

"Cent [...] takes this to another place, exploiting rule 1: Momentum is not conserved."

And comes around to his personal journey through the series,

"I was that teenage boy with the alcoholic father. I was the reluctant parent unsure whether my own childhood would poison my ability to parent well. And, now with IMPULSE, I have daughters who amaze and surprise me."

Go read more in The Big Idea: Steven Gould!

On IMPULSE Kirkus Reviews says, "Mr. Gould, please write faster."


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