Publishers Weekly Best Books of 2020

Publishers Weekly‘s Best Books of 2020 are here, and 24 Macmillan titles made the list! Top 10 THE ADDRESS BOOK: A Hidden History of Identity, Race, Wealth, and Power by Deirdre MaskTHE DRAGONS, THE GIANT, THE WOMEN: A Memoir by Wayétu MooreTHE LAST GREAT ROAD BUM by Héctor TobarA SAINT FROM TEXAS by Edmund White […]

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Nonfiction Round-Up: Culture and Society (7/29/20)

A graphic novel about indigenous culture and history in America + an eye-opening breakdown of the issues of sexuality and gender identity in the world today + a history and investigation into the concept of character + the key to success as told by a Silicon Valley expert + a deeper look at our outrage […]

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