Happy Valentine’s #BookBday

Happy Valentine’s #BookBday

Let one of these new books be your Valentine today: THE DARK FLOOD RISES by Margaret Drabble Three starred reviews for this novel about a highly regarded expert on housing for the elderly who is herself getting on in age. “For women of a certain age, it is a pure pleasure to grow older alongside […]

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Wonder Women Wednesday!

Wonder Women Wednesday!

When we think of "wonder women," we naturally think of librarians. (We know there are great men librarians, too, but today we're focusing on the ladies.) So when the book WONDER WOMEN: Sex, Power, and the Quest for Perfection by Debora L. Spar came up on our radar we thought it was only fitting to share it with you.

Before writing WONDER WOMEN Spar, who is the president of Barnard College, believed gender equality had been achieved and that women could have it all "with babies, board seats, and husbands in tow." As she struggled to do just that, Spar started to wonder: How far have women really come? And what will it take to get true equality for good?

Much like Sheryl Sandberg's LEAN IN, WONDER WOMEN examines those questions with new research about how women's lives have—and have not—changed over the past fifty years, told through the lens of Spar’s personal story.

Glamour called the book "Explosive," and Booklist said, “As [Spar] shifts from the reasoned research of academics to the grocery checkout lines with their masses of impossible celebrity weight-loss triumphs while providing the facts and figures of gender politics from the workplace to the dreaded department-store changing room, Spar’s acerbic wit would do Dorothy Parker proud. WONDER WOMEN is equally valuable as a reference source for college-bound daughters and as a lively read for their mothers to dissect in book clubs.”

Spar has an incredible media line-up for WONDER WOMEN, including: