Lots of Love for K’wan and Ice-T

Lots of Love for K’wan and Ice-T


What's the only thing hotter than these two covers? Their reviews!

Highlighted in yesterday's Library Journal article, The Word on Street Lit, both EVICTION NOTICE and KINGS OF VICE got a lot of love.

"K’wan, K’wan, K’wan. You hooked me hard, and now I’ll read anything you write. [...] K’wan has risen from 'just another street lit author' to a writer who produces thrilling plots, and his descriptive prose holds its own against many top-selling authors. Load up with copies. Demand will soar." Library Journal (starred review)

As for KINGS OF VICE, Library Journal says, "Ice-T, what’s going on? Last month you reeled me in with your ICE: A MEMOIR OF GANGSTER LIFE AND REDEMPTIONFROM SOUTH CENTRAL TO HOLLYWOOD, and now you hit me with a cool novel about the streets! Slow down, dude. No, check that—write more!"