The Story Behind the Story of Joseph Heller

The Story Behind the Story of Joseph Heller

Tracy Daugherty's biography of Joseph Heller, JUST ONE CATCH, earned a starred review from Booklist as well as an article about the story behind the story.

While writing his biography of Donald Barthelme (HIDING MAN), Daugherty and his editor here at St. Martin's Press had a brief conversation about tackling Joeseph Heller for his next biography. Daugherty says, "I had taught CATCH-22 for many years in my college classes. One day I decided to reread it. Then I reread Heller’s other books. And then I began to get very interested." And the rest is history. Brilliantly detailed history, in fact.

As Booklist says it in their starred review, "Brilliantly detailed and constructively analytical, Daugherty’s groundbreaking portrait of the prophetic, contradictory, and essential Joseph Heller is dramatic and revelatory."