Today’s Craft Project: Paper Cup Telephones!

Today’s Craft Project: Paper Cup Telephones!

Okay, Okay, enough with the nerdy stuff. I could use a project. Let's pick something fun and crafty to make out of a delightful book that we released back in June, HOMEMADE FUN by Rae Grant.

Rae Grant says, "Long ago, (yet still a recent memory for some), families celebrated the seasons and holidays, as well as the cycle of everyday life, in a homemade way... HOMEMADE FUN is a tribute to simple ideas for childhood fun."

Full disclosure: I'm horrible at this homemade business. I got a C in Home Ec and I forget to put the milk and butter in my mac n' cheese sometimes, but I go bonkers for crafts like the one above, Paper Cup Telephones! Click the link or the picture to enlarge the instructions. 

Ali's Tip from Experience: when you're all done, the string cannot be loose or touching anything, otherwise physics gets grumpy and your words won't make it to the other cup.