Monday Fun Day! (5/6/2013 Edition)

Monday Fun Day! (5/6/2013 Edition)

Hellooooo Monday! It's yet another brand new week and we're inching ever closer to summer skies. To kick off your week right we rounded up a few exciting viewables; take a look.

- Watch Louise Penny accept the 2013 Agatha Award for Best Novel (yet again!) this time for THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY and Catriona McPherson accept the 2013 Agatha Award for Best Historical for DANDY GILVER AND AN UNSUITABLE DAY FOR MURDER:

opens in a new windowLP accepting

opens in a new windowCM accepting

Louise kindly thanked her editor Hope Dellon, her publicist Sarah Melnyk, and publisher Andrew Martin. In describing her books she said, 

"At the heart of the nugget they're about belonging, they're about my own personal quest for belonging, that for all of my life I've felt—for much of my life I've felt like I was on an island near the mainland [...] for me to find my community is deeply meaningful and what great company to be in."

Catriona also thanked all of the excellent people at Minotaur Books, her editor Marcia Markland, her fellow Macmillan author and winner of the Mary Higgins Clark Award Hank Fabulous Ryan, er, Hank Phillippi Ryan and everyone in the Flatiron building (that's us!). 

We loved getting the chance to talk about these two incredible books and if you didn't heed our praises when they came out, now's the time!

See all of the Agatha winners at

- Speaking of Mysteries, if you missed the "Thrilling Mysteries" Booklist webinar you can now access the archived webinar (the link is available on our titles list post). 

- And finally, the greatest mystery of all: what exactly is this cat trying to pull? (Thanks, Ivy!)





Monday Fun Day! (3/25/2013 Edition)

Monday Fun Day! (3/25/2013 Edition)

Happy new week, librarians!

- Congratulations to Brad Parks, author of THE GIRL NEXT DOOR which won the 2013 Lefty Award for the best humorous mystery! AND congratulations to Catrona McPherson, author of DANDY GILVER AND AN UNSUITABLE DAY FOR MURDER which won the 2013 Bruce Alexander Memorial Historical Mystery Award! Both of these honors were awarded at the Left Coast Crime convention in Colorado Springs. See all of the 2013 Crime Fiction Award-winners

- Graywolf Press, one of our excellent distribution clients, has a gorgeous new website: I'll admit that I miss the trio of wolves that used to walk on screen in the upper right hand corner, but I'm sure they've been released into the digital wilds to roam free.

Uncharted Pages is now updated with another season's worth of fantastic books featuring totally rad preternatural stuff. Find out more about the books and the giveaways here

- We posted our schedule for the Texas Library Association Annual Conference! Please join us in the booth (#1137) and at all of our fine events.

- If you missed Library Journal's "Editors' Picks" webinar, find out which four summer titles our editors were raving about here. UPDATE: You can now watch the full archived webinar! (Macmillan titles begin at the 18 minute mark.) 

- And finally, this puppy:





Monday Fun Day! (2/11/2013 Edition)

Monday Fun Day! (2/11/2013 Edition)

Happy Monday, librarians!

Apologies for the unexpected radio silence after Wednesday of last week; I fell victim to the seasonal cold monster. I've triumphantly defeated the beast and returned only slightly sniffly to kick off the week with some great news.

- Continuing the exciting award nomination news from last week, we got the list of Macmillan books nominated for the 2012 Agatha Awards:

Nominated for the Agatha Award for Best Novel of 2012:

by Louise Penny

by G.M. Malliet

by Hank Phillippi Ryan

Nominated for the Agatha Award for Best Historical Novel of 2012:

by Catriona McPherson

Winners will be announced at the 2012 Agatha Awards banquet on May 4th, 2013, during Malice Domestic 25. See the full list of Agatha nominees here.

- A delightful review of THE MARLOW PAPERS is currently traveling all across the U.S. in American Airline's American Way magazine!

"With the screw-tightening verve of a great thriller and the romantic pull of Renaissance poetry, the novel—which purports that Marlowe is the true author of William Shakespeare’s legendary oeuvre—is a gripping, lyrical, most unlikely page-turner."

Read the super quick review here.

- Flavorwire suckered us in with another one of their bookish listicles, "The Best Fictional Libraries in Pop Culture." 

- And finally, a couple of snuggly red pandas romping around in the snow!!

opens in a new windowred pandas video



Monday Fun Day! (2/4/2013 Edition)

Monday Fun Day! (2/4/2013 Edition)

Hello, librarian buds! We'reback in the office after ALA Midwinter and ready to talk about a bunch of great award nomination news. 

The 2013 nominees for the Left Coast Crime (a.k.a. Lefty) Award, which honors the best humorous mystery published during the previous year, have been annouced! The Macmillan nominees are:

SWIFT RUN by Laura DiSilverio


Also HUSH MONEY by Chuck Greaves has been shortlisted for the Rocky Award for best mystery novel set in the Left Coast Crime geographical region and DANDY GILVER AND AN UNSUITABLE DAY FOR A MURDER by Catriona McPherson is shortlisted for the Bruce Alexander Memorial Historical Mystery Award, which is given to mystery novels covering events before 1960!

Winners will be announced on March 23rd during the 23rd annual Left Coast Crime Convention in Colorado Springs, CO.

In other award news, Colin Cotterill's GRANDAD, THERE'S A HEAD ON THE BEACH was shortlisted for this year’s Dilys Award! See all of the nominees here

And again in award news, CURSE OF THE JADE LILY by David Housewright is up for the Genre Fiction Minnesota Book Award this year! See the rest of the cetegories and nominees here

In, um, dragon news, Publishers Weekly talked to Marie Brennan, author of A NATURAL HISTORY OF DRAGONS, about—you guessed it—dragons! Read "Why Do Dragons Look Like That?" on