Commuters, Show Me Your Cover!

Commuters, Show Me Your Cover!

Due to a series of minor, yet befuddling subway shenanigans this morning I was late to work (I swear, Talia! It's the subway's fault!).

After a few announcements (made by the guy who undoubtedly voice-acts for all the adults in Charlie Brown), my train ended up on a different line. While we all waited for the subway car to painstakingly connect with the alternate tracks, more than a few riders pulled out something to read. I already had my copy of THE QUANTUM THIEF on my lap and it was joined by the books of my fellow riders: LOLITA, JANE EYRE, something with a red/brown/texty cover, and a dog training manual. 

If you're as curious about commuter reads as I am, you have to go check out Slice Magazine's CoverSpy blog. Their stealthy book spies eaveswatch the rails and report back on who is reading what and where. Go see!