Women 2020 (10/29/20)

Today’s women 2020 round-up spotlights the fierce Catherine the First + a passionate memoir about a woman’s love for her children. TSARINA by Ellen Alpsten An Indie Next pick! “Illuminating the realities of life in premodern Russia and the growth and changes brought about in the Petrine Era, this is a fascinating and extraordinary ride […]

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Book Buzzes with ALMA (5/26/20)

All your favorite library marketers have teamed up to bring you Bite-Sized Book Buzzes, straight to your screens. This week combines the political machinations and backstabbing of A GAME OF THRONES with the impeccably researched historical fiction of Phillippa Gregory in a wild, seductive, and dangerous ride of historical fiction in Ellen Alpsten’s debut, TSARINA. […]

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Forthcoming #FridayReads: TSARINA

Samantha Slavin here, and I am so excited to introduce today’s Forthcoming #FridayReads, Ellen Alpsten’s debut, TSARINA–the first and only (historical) account of how serf Marta became Empress Catherine, the first woman to ever rule Russia. TSARINA is Marta’s story, a child born out of wedlock and into devastating poverty. Her life changes when she […]

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